01. He got a job distributing [leaflets] door to door for a local supermarket.
02. Protesters distributed [leaflets] outlining their reasons for opposing the government's new legislation.
03. We have [leafleted] the entire neighborhood with notices about the upcoming street party.
04. During the 1970s, the Chinese government would sometimes drop [leaflets] over Taiwan, describing the benefits of communism.
05. The American Air Force dropped [leaflets] on the enemy soldiers' position, urging them to surrender.
06. While I was at the rec center, I picked up a [leaflet] on an interesting summer sports program for kids.
07. The kids are out [leafleting] the neighborhood for next week's school bottle drive.
08. The birth control clinic has a number of [leaflets] about safe sex, birth control, and sexually-transmitted infections.
09. Police have been [leafleting] the neighborhood in an effort to find someone who may have witnessed the beating of a local man.
10. We had over 1000 [leaflets] produced advertising the new textbook to distribute to students and institutions.
11. The information in the [leaflet] comes from the organization's site on the Internet.
12. There are lots of [leaflets] at the tourist information bureau showing the various attractions and accommodations in the city.
13. The doctor's office has some [leaflets] about organizations which support cancer patients and their families.
14. There were a bunch of students and parents downtown today handing out [leaflets] announcing a demonstration against the government's cutbacks to the education budget.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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